■ This fully automated robot operates through a screen connected to its computer.

■ With this device, you can easily and quickly arrange the final products, ensuring time and labor savings. It is an intelligent assembly system with artificial intelligence.

■ The robot’s task is to collect and stack ready-made concrete products on mobile platforms.
■ Implementing balance in the robot’s structure increases energy savings, despite the fast operation and heavy load.

Robot features


■ Work smoothly without noise.

■ It works synchronized with machine works.
It has a 1,5 m working height and a 15-25 second working cycle.

■ Robot clamp can be worked with different options
as you request (Hydraulic or Air).

■ Robot clamp can be rotated 0-90-180.
■ Cart movement X to Y by 4 kw motor with braking feature.
Up and down movement (Z) optional (Hydraulic piston or 11kw electric fast operation and heavy load.