■ The material tank is an automatic raw material feeding system equipped with a material weighing system.
■ Storage hopper can be made of 1 or 3 or more of chambers depend on client requirement.
■Usually we do every chamber capcity of 15 m3.
■ Hopper is manufactured of 5 mm sheets of St52 resistant to wear for chambers and for structures DT16-DT10 and chanal


■ Our material conveyor has been designed to be simple and strong in the same time.
■ Material conveyor manufactured with 60×40 rectangular tube structure and 80×80 square tube structure for supports.
■The conveyor belt is made up of three layers and has a thickness of 10 mm

Cement Silo

■ The silo has been designed and manufactured according to the latest scientific standards to be resistant to weather conditions and resistant to the reaction
resulting from cement.
■ It can manufacture with different volume capacity depend on client requirement.